Unguided Communication 2016
Unguided Communication was performed for Dance NJ and the Koresh Artistic Showcase.
Music: Speigal I'm Speigal
Emunah 2017
Performed for Artistic Visions Dance Company.
Music: Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Human 2017

Performed for Todd Rosenlieb Dance Ensemble August 2017.

Music: Cold by Jorge Mendez combined with Gregorian Chant.

 Duet (practice) 2017
Performed for Raritan Valley Community College
Music : Max Richter and Icelandic Chant by Oleeva Records

Theirs 2018

Excerpt of "Indelible" performing at Dance Loft on 14

Music: Elevation by Hildur Gudnadottir

Improvisational Movement

Movement play 2018


Performed at Dance Loft on 14 Washington D.C. 2019

Music: Stiles Stilinksy, Phillip Glass, The Bee Gees, Oleeva Records, Ahmed T